Did you know that family-room addition can cost you up to 100-200 dollars per square foot? This is what HouseLogic.com has reported. The price can further increase depending on your needs and the contractor you have chosen.


To set a budget for the home addition, you must get bids from three contractors offering San Diego room addition services. Then, add 15-20 percent to the quote offered by the contractor to cover additional costs.


Many homeowners feel the ballpark figure is higher than they have thought of. In such cases, it’s a good idea to check alternative materials. The companies offering the best room addition services in San Diego can help you with the process. Using a laminate countertop instead of a granite one is such an example.


Getting a detailed quotation from a contractor can be helpful in such scenarios. You will come to know what they are charging for and what they aren’t. It gives you more scope in making changes related to your project. Your contractor might agree to offer you some discount if you negotiate. Having quotes from multiple contractors is useful in such cases.


As the room addition is a bit time-consuming, you can have sufficient money to pay the team by the time they finish the job. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss the timeline of the payments for this purpose.


If there is still a challenge related to your budget, you can delay the room addition project by a few months. You can tell your budget issues to the room addition services provider. They might call after a month or two telling them that they can work at a lower price. Many of them agree to do so during the off-season.


A good alternative is to reduce the scope of your room addition. For example, instead of making a master bedroom, you can have a regular-sized room. This is one of the best ways to stay on a budget.


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