Room Addition

Planning to increase your property’s size? Looking for the best room addition services in San Diego? You have reached the right destination!


At Steve Flores, we help the residents of San Diego with our room addition services. Connect with us for:

  • Master Bedroom Addition
  • Office Room Addition
  • Room Extensions
  • New Bathroom
  • New Room Foundations
  • Kids’ Room Addition
  • Kitchen Layout Expansion
  • Or any other room addition requirement.

How does it work?
The room addition process in San Diego involves the following steps:

  1. We will understand your requirements and budget.
  2. Our experts will analyze the layout and site conditions of the property.
  3. You will receive the estimate of the fees, along with the contract.
  4. You will receive the drawings of the room’s layout and design.
  5. Our team will start work on the room addition after your approval.  

We keep the turnaround time minimum without any compromise with the final results. Feel free to share your design ideas and suggestions with us during the design stage. 

Benefits of Room Addition
The addition of a new room comes with immediate and long-term benefits. 
More Space: Whether you want space for a physical workout or your professional tasks, you can get it with an additional room.
Increased Value: The homebuyers don’t mind paying more for your property if they are getting additional space. 
Better functionality: Extra room means you can increase storage space and install appliances and equipment to make your home more functional. 
Aesthetic Appeal: You don’t have to compromise with the interiors due to lack of space if you extend your property’s size.  
Natural Sunlight: By adding a sunroom, you can enjoy natural sunlight.

For room addition ideas or a rough estimate, connect with us today via
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