Having a contract before starting a renovation project is crucial. Both the parties (homeowner and contractor) are on the same page with it. Literally!!


There isn’t any scope of conflict during or after the project if you have a proper contract with you. When it comes to San Diego home renovation, most contractors follow a standard template.


As a homeowner, you need to ensure certain things are present in the contract. We have talked about those things below.


Detailed description of the project

All the necessary details of the project — including materials, cost of materials, and other aspects — should be part of each contract. Plus, it must include what tasks are included in the project.


Insurance and license

Written communications between an owner and a contractor must have the license number of the latter. If you get a contract without one, ask your service provider about the same. They must also include the insurance details.



Other than the total price of the project, the contract must have other details. This includes when each installment has to be paid. And, how much is the upfront payment. As per industry experts, initial payment shouldn’t cross 10 percent of the entire cost.


Subcontractor information

Even the best home renovation in San Diego requires subcontractors. The information about when and who will pay the subcontractors is present in the contract. There are also contact details, along with the license information, of each subcontractor.


Important dates

Obviously, the start and end date are present in each contract. There must be inclusion of other dates related to all important milestones of the project.


We hope preparing and reading the contract will be easier for you after going through these points. Before signing the contract, read it thoroughly. Feel free to discuss the changes you want in it.


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